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Friday, October 10, 2008

*UPDATE* to bunnies needing homes

The doe with litter of 5 bunnies is now in a new and very loving home! I also found homes for 6 of the 12 crossbred English/German bunnies, yippee! I decided not to keep any of these bunnies for myself as I found a buck with a split penis in the bunch. So, I'm happy to report that ALL the bunnies posted on this blog has found new homes!

I am no longer planning on going back for the other 9 adults left. There seems to be no interest in them and I simply cannot take them in permanently as I don't have the room nor the finances to do so, unfortunetly.

I wish all the new "parents" of the adopted bunnies well, and hope they enjoy their bunnies and have fun with the fiber they produce.

Speaking of fiber, I just clipped my doe Alexis down. She had approximately 13 weeks growth on her and I got a total of 8.1 ounces of prime, matt free fiber from her! This was a summer fleece. Alexis got a treat of fresh broccoli out of the garden for being SUCH a good girl while I clipped her down. Alexis's pic is in a previous post.

I have some nice fawn colored baby alpaca that I plan on blending Alexis's fiber with. Should make some wonderful! fine yarn.

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