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Hello to all, and welcome to my blog! If you are a knitter or crocheter looking for one-of-a-kind natural fiber handspun yarns, this is the place to be! I am an award winning spinner and offer for sale, as I make them available, my lovely handspun yarns. I specialize in worsted weight thru lace weight yarns in exotic or luxury fibers such as alpaca, angora bunny, mohair, silk and more (not to mention wool, of course!) I can CUSTOM SPIN anything you might be looking for. So feel free to contact me and tell me what you need. I purchase all of my fibers raw and wash/process them myself. I do NOT purchase commercial fibers that are imported from outside the U.S. I support the American Farmer!

I also custom spin pet hair including cat and dog. I have spun many breeds of dog including Golden Retriever, Shetlie, Australian Shephard, Samoyed, Great Pyrinease......just to name a few.

I am also looking for good quality fibers, especially angora. So if you raise any quality fibers, please contact me via email! Visit my complete profile for my email address.

Thank you for visiting my blog and visit often to see what I'm offering. Paypal available! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Friday, October 10, 2008

*UPDATE* to bunnies needing homes

The doe with litter of 5 bunnies is now in a new and very loving home! I also found homes for 6 of the 12 crossbred English/German bunnies, yippee! I decided not to keep any of these bunnies for myself as I found a buck with a split penis in the bunch. So, I'm happy to report that ALL the bunnies posted on this blog has found new homes!

I am no longer planning on going back for the other 9 adults left. There seems to be no interest in them and I simply cannot take them in permanently as I don't have the room nor the finances to do so, unfortunetly.

I wish all the new "parents" of the adopted bunnies well, and hope they enjoy their bunnies and have fun with the fiber they produce.

Speaking of fiber, I just clipped my doe Alexis down. She had approximately 13 weeks growth on her and I got a total of 8.1 ounces of prime, matt free fiber from her! This was a summer fleece. Alexis got a treat of fresh broccoli out of the garden for being SUCH a good girl while I clipped her down. Alexis's pic is in a previous post.

I have some nice fawn colored baby alpaca that I plan on blending Alexis's fiber with. Should make some wonderful! fine yarn.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pics of MY rabbits, not available

8 week old 50% German 50% English doe I'm keeping. Sire is D'Lynn Saul, super nice purebred German buck I lost this summer. Saul was out of registered German parents, mostly Samson stock. So this little girl and a brother I will keep. Brother below.
Here is a 50% German 50% English buck I'm keeping, brother to doe above.... sire is German buck, D'Lynn Saul. Ya, I know. His ears look huge! I could NOT get him to sit still. They really aren't that big! Or, hey! His body will catch up as he grows;-)

Pic of my 65% German tort doe, Alexis. She's ready to clip! Dense, dense, DENSE! coat.

Another pic of my tort 65% German doe, Alexis. I got her June 20 and she was clipped down. I have not TOUCHED her AT ALL with a blower or brush! NO MATTS! Other than a few little ones on her ear furnishings and small one on one cheak I need to cut. Super nice, "no grooming" type coat! Hoping to breed her late winter, early spring.

Pic of my purebred English doe "Sweatie", turned 5 months old TODAY! Sired by Countryside Patriot. She has never, EVER! been groomed! And I just had her out today for a petting and NO MATTS. I do, however, trim her face.
Sorry my garage is such a mess. I've had to do a lot of moving things around to get "fostered" bunnies and cages inside.
I do not keep my rabbits in air conditioning or with fans, but hoping to have my garage air conditioned next summer. Sooner or later, my husband will break down and build me a rabbit barn, complete with air conditioning in summer! He's already thinking about it......

I haven't shown for a number of years. I wanted you'all to see how I care for my angoras...and hope these bunnies needing homes get the care they desirve as well. However I do need to replace some cage floors. These cages I got at Farm and Fleet and they tend to rust easily. Even just the humidity in summer will make them rust. Oh bother, it's always something, isn't it?
I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my rabbits.

Bunnies needing homes

Here are pics of the bunnies needing homes. Sorry about condition. This is how they came. They have been still together, but weaned early. They are now just 8 weeks old and have been weaned for at least 2 weeks. They were thin. They are not groomed her.

Angora bunnies needing homes

Angora bunnies need a home! HELP! A breeder some 60 miles from me up and left her home, leaving behind a good number of English and English X German rabbits and bunnies. She went to stay several states away. She called me wanting me to BUY them all (for an exsorbant amount of money!) as she needs money! She isn't concerned for the rabbits welfare, just the money I from sales that she needs. Well, MY main concern is the welfare of the bunnies. Also the husband she left, he wants them in new homes, not worried about the money.

I packed up approx 10-12 either (8) week old German X English bunnies, a few adult English and an adult doe with a littler of 5 bunnies, approx 4 weeks of age. They are at my home now and need homes! I have so far spent $200 on feed, cages and gas for this "rescue", since Sunday the 28th of September. I am asking for a $20 "adoption" fee to help me defray costs. I'm NOT a legit rescue. I'm just doing this becuase someone has to!

I will post pics soon of these little guys. If you can't adopt one for any reason, but would like to donate, I do have paypal at my emal addy: tamimulder@yahoo.com IF anyone donates to this cause and there is any money left over when all bunnies are placed, I will donate it to our local animal shelter here in Freeport, IL....Friends Forever no kill shelter. Does this sound fair?

If anyone is interested in any bunnies or adults, please email me and again, I'll get pics as soon as I can! There are still 9 adults left at the home farm, one with a litter of 2 small, sickly bunnies on her. If this goes well, I could get the rest and place as well.

Thanks to all in advance!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Custum spun/knitted dog hair scarf

Good day to all! I'd like to share a photo of a scarf that I was commissioned to make. The owner used to show Afgan Hounds. One of her show dogs came down with cancer. Like us, he lost his hair from chemo. She ended up loosing him. She saved his hair, hoping to someday be able to do something with it. So when we met, I offered to make this scarf for her. Rather than card the enitire bag of hair together, I spun from the locks. This created the variety of color throughout. When I presented it to her this way, she cried! She said she could tell from each color just where it came from on her dog and had I blended it all on the drum carder, it would end up one solid color.
I've taken awards with my handspun yarns including best 100% angora rabbit and Best Yarn of Show!
I can spin any pet hair as long as it is 2" in length. Other spinners will spin shorter hair, but it will shed. If you want your pet hair that is shorter than 2" spun, go to another spinner. I wash the skien when done, measure the yardage and charge by the ounce. I can also wind your skiens into center pull balls, making knitting/crocheting easier.
I also have angora bunny yarn available at all times in natural and dyed colors. I also spin and hand paint yarns, so watch for other postings on my hand painted yarns!
For further information on custom spinning, please visit my profile and email me! And have a great day!